Do I need to insure my diamond engagement ring?

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One of the first things you need to arrange once collecting your diamond engagement ring is have the precious item insured.

Whilst many think you need to arrange separate insurance for the item, this however is not the case.

The most cost effective and easiest way to insure the item is to add it to your existing home contents insurance, specifying it on your policy for all risks including lost, stolen and accidental damage. We advise you insure it for the full recommended retail price (RRP).

Most insurance companies will not charge for the privilege but most certainly will request to see a copy of your receipt and jewellery valuation.

If the insurance policy is registered in your partners name and you wish to keep the purchase a surprise, we advise you inform the insurance company of your purchase regardless and tell them your partner will confirm the addition to the policy after the event. That way, the diamond ring is insured in every eventuality.

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