Diamond talk made simple

Just like every aspect of a person reflects who they are, the same is for every diamond and will affect its sparkle and look. It is vital to prioritise the most important features to you in order to utilise your budget.

The 4 main characteristics with a diamond are:

Colour – Whiteness of the diamond. D is the best colour. Quite simply you want the whitest diamond possible.

Carat – Weight/size of the diamond measured in Carats. 100 points to a carat, so half a carat is 0.50ct.

Clarity – Inclusions within the stone. Flawless is the best and ideally you want your stone not to have any visible inclusions which can be seen by the naked eye.

Cut – The proportions/shape of the stone. This will determine the shape of your stone and the sparkle.

Our opinion is as follows;

When viewing any diamond, the first most noticeable aspect is the size (carat) of the diamond. Then you notice the whiteness (colour) of the diamond, then the inclusions (clarity). We would advise you prioritise the size and colour over the clarity, ensuring any flaws in the diamond are not visible with the naked eye.

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