What if she doesn’t like the ring?

You buy the perfect red roses, her favourite chocolates, dinner at her favourite restaurant, choosing the perfect moment to tell her how much you love her and presenting the stunning diamond engagement ring you chose. Then comes that awkward look of disappointment because she doesn’t like the ring!

Before deciding to offer the ring to the nearest waitress, just breathe…because we offer you our Get out of Jail Free Card!

Everyone knows that smiles are contagious and life is too short not to enjoy life. Our main priority is to have happy customers. Our Get out of Jail Free Card ensures your partner walks away feeling delighted and in love with your purchase.

Your partner can decide to change the design of the ring or the stone if they wish to choose a different shape – nothing is a problem for us!

This service is complimentary, as long as we receive a smile afterwards!

If you have questions, just speak to our dedicated sales team who will assist you and answer any questions you have.

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