I don’t know the finger size

Probably the first question everyone thinks of when the time of proposing comes knocking – I don’t know their finger size!

It is near impossible to find out your partner’s finger size without giving the game away. Is it worthwhile stealing one of their rings they wear on another finger? Whilst this might give some indication of the rough size, the right hand is bigger than the left so even this won’t give us the answer.

If you are in any doubt to the size, we recommend leaving it at stock size and we will re-size the ring after your proposal at no cost to you.

Especially when dealing with hard metals like platinum, you only want to size the ring once if possible as applying intense heat to the ring several times can be damaging to the ring.

If your gift is not a surprise and you would like us to send you a ring sizer, please contact our sales team to arrange one being sent to you.

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