Sun cream and trunks are packed… but where do I pack the ring?!

Months spent planning the proposal of a lifetime, choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, but where does one hide the ring when travelling to your holiday destination.

We recommend the diamond ring stays in your possession throughout your journey until the proposal and is safely on your partners finger.

Before travelling, we advise you place the ring inside your wallet preferably in a small plastic bag to stop the ring from scratching. The actual ring box you can pack inside your suitcase (inside one of your shoes to avoid any prying partners) and place under the plane in the hold.

Indeed when walking through the airport especially through the hand luggage security, the ring will remain close to you and won’t cause any surprises to your partner should security wish to see what is in that wooden box in your bag!

If by bad fortune, your suitcases are delayed in arriving at your hotel or get indeed get lost, you will only be worrying about replacing your underwear and swimwear, most of which can be bought at a local shop. The missing empty wooden ring box will be the last of your worries.

Happy and safe travelling!

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