To Four or not Six Claw, that is the question.

6 claw and 4 claw engagement ring

There are many ways you can set your diamond in your ring, whether as a solitaire or with a halo of diamonds around the centre stone – all perfect to suit everyone’s style. How the diamond is set with the claws in the ring has a huge impact to how it will look and can give an illusion to the diamond being a different shape than it is.

There is no question that when a round stone is placed in a 6 claw setting that it enhances the shape of the stone. However, when you view the ring from the side, the stone won’t be as visible as it will with a ring with less claws.

Comparing this to a ring with 4 claws, the stone will be more visible from the side view and with less claws holding the stone in place, it will naturally allow more light to the stone to give it an extra sparkle. Consequently though, looking down at the diamond will give the diamond a slight ‘square’ impression.

Whilst this might give you a dilemma at which ring design to buy, we offer our comprehensive ‘Get out of Jail Free card. We will change the design if your partner wishes to choose another ring design so ensure you remain in their good books!

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