What is a diamond certificate?

A diamond certificate is a report which verifies the specifications of the diamond, most notably the colour, clarity, cut and carat, together with other specifications including the measurements, fluorescence, symmetry cut and polish.

When diamonds are mined from source and consequently polished, the stones are not issued with a diamond certificate. Once they are bought by diamond manufacturers like ourselves, the diamonds can be submitted for diamond certification.

All our diamonds that are submitted for certification are sent to independent laboratories to ensure our diamonds are graded to represent their true qualities. We use only the strictest companies to certificate all our diamonds, to ensure we sell you the best possible diamonds in the market. Our diamonds are certified by renowned labs such as IGI, HRD, EDR and GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) who are the market leaders in the research of diamonds and their certification. The 4 C’s grading system which the diamond industry across the world use to grade diamonds was actually invented by GIA.

We also guarantee all our diamonds to be conflict free ensuring we comply with the highest standards of integrity.

When deciding to buy a diamond, we recommend you buy a diamond which holds an independent diamond report. We also recommend that if possible that you view the diamond before purchase, as the diamond report is only a piece of paper and does not show you the true beauty of the diamond and how it sparkles.

For further questions, speak to our dedicated sales team or book a video or private appointment to discuss your purchase.

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