What is the secret ingredient to rose gold?

Choosing the metal of your ring comes down to fashion and taste. With every generation it seems to differ what is more popular. 60 years ago, platinum and white gold were very popular. 30 years ago, yellow gold was in fashion whereas trend these days sees most jewellery being manufactured once again in white gold or platinum.

Gold is naturally dug out the ground yellow so to make yellow gold is a relatively easy process. To make white gold, we mix silver alloys with the yellow gold which turns the colour white. With the majority of the content being yellow, unfortunately white gold will tarnish.

Rose gold, also known as pink gold and red gold, was popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In order to make rose gold, we mix copper with the yellow gold to give it the redish colour. Whilst white gold will tarnish and we need re-polishing and rhodium every couple of years, the colour will not change with rose gold.

We manufacture all our jewellery in the UK using leading technology to cast our metal, ensuring our rings are the highest possible standard. Whichever metal you desire, history will repeat itself and this will mean the return of the yellow, maybe with a touch of the classy rose gold too.

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