Back to… 1985 with diamond rings…

Today marks the day where Michael J Fox went 30 years into the future to change history. In truth, most of the inventions that Producers Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg predicted haven’t come true including floating hover boards, despite claims from Nike they are in the process of releasing shoes that automatically tie up!

How have diamond engagement ring designs changed in the past 30 years?

Back in the 80’s, most diamond engagement rings were classic solitaire, either brilliant round or emerald cut diamonds. Rings certainly did not involve all the other fancy shapes which are now popular like cushions and marquise shaped diamonds.

Now in the 2015, solitaires of 1985 have been fast caught up by the more elaborate stylish diamond halo and shoulders engagement rings, giving more sparkle to a ladies finger. Not sure many would disagree the ‘Adina round’ is simply stunning especially when matched with its matching wedding band.

Whilst no-one can predict what designs will be popular in year 2045, one thing is for sure, the classic brilliant round solitaire ‘Belle round’ diamond ring will never go out of fashion.

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