Dream come true.


Dream come true.

For the moments when you have a unique design of the ring you want. As manufacturers we will make your item to your exact specifications.

We make the process as simple as possible for you. With our unique design process, you will be able to follow the creation of your special piece, whilst having the ability to make any changes along the way so there are no unwanted ‘surprises’ along the way.

All we need to start is the vision from you and the dream can start!

What is a CAD drawing?

Unique and Exquisite

What is a CAD drawing?

A CAD (computer-aided design) drawing is a detailed 3D illustration displaying your creation. By using this software to create your piece, enables us to share with you the entire process, from conceptual design to casting and assembly.

With the design created on computer, you will view your creation making any adjustments you wish before deciding to go to print.

Getting the image right before casting is vital as changing a design once cast can be difficult or sometimes impossible.

Whatever is created in the file is cast in your choice of metal, meaning whatever you see on the screen is exactly what your bespoke item will look like.

No surprises at all.

From concept to reality


From concept to reality

Once you give the green light to proceed, your bespoke piece will be cast in your choice of metal.

As we value this part of the process as essential as any other, we only use the best. High-class specialist casters, based in the UK providing high quality finishing for various top brands such as Tiffany & Co and Cartier.

Do not panic if you are looking at the image to the right! This is the moment our expertise comes into play allowing for our expert craftsman to begin cleaning up your piece.