Safe and sound

Jewellery Insurance

Safe and sound

We understand that choosing a ring or other jewellery with us is a personal journey for you. Whether you see it as a personal investment, a token of romance or a gesture of love, safekeeping the memory is vital. However, we advise you insure your precious items to save you any possible financial loss.

When purchasing expensive jewellery, it’s vital you insure these items by specifying it on your home contents insurance. Most insurance policies have an article limit between £1000-2000 meaning if you haven’t specified an item separately on your policy, you will only be paid this limit should you need to claim.

If the retail value of your item is above your article limit we highly recommend you specify it individually for all risks and scenarios including lost, stolen and accidental damage, including loss away from your home and holiday. We would also advise you insure it for the full recommended retail price to save you any financial loss should you need claim.

Insurance specialists

TH March

Insurance specialists

Most insurance companies will request to see a copy of your jewellery valuation which we will provide to you with your purchase. They also may require a photo of your item.

If the insurance policy is registered in your partners name and you wish to keep the purchase a surprise, we advise you inform the insurance company of your purchase regardless and inform them your partner will confirm the addition to the policy after your proposal. That way, the diamond ring is insured in every eventuality.

For insurance, we highly recommend TH MARCH — one of our trusted partners, providing specialist jewellery insurance since 1887.

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LMG replacement

Replacement & repair

LMG replacement

When dealing with insurance companies, it can be stressful, confusing and heart-breaking. We can help you through the process to make it easy and stress-free for you throughout your claim.

We are partners with LMG (Loss Managed Group) making the process even easier for you to replace your jewellery. We accept LMG Gemcheck card for payments as well all debit and credit cards, Mastercard and American Express.

Make a store or video appointment to discuss your claim in more detail with our dedicated sales team.

Bought an engagement ring for my wife nearly eight years ago. Wife lost it and no insurance. Matt made her up one almost exactly the same but with an even more handsome setting, purchased some earings in the same style. They are absolutely beautiful as well. Great service throughout and I’ll be returning in the near future.

J Logan

I cant thank them enough for the ring they made for me. Fiance absolutely loved it and how she had always pictured it. Cant thank you enough

S Towler

We’ve bought several items from Mr Brick over the years, bespoke engagement ring, wedding rings, earrings and have never been disappointed. I have also recommended the company to colleagues in work, who have also been very pleased. Would recommend to anyone interested in quality jewellery and excellent service.

G Stevens