Fight night – white gold vs platinum

White Gold doesn’t actually exist as a natural resource. Gold is dug out of the ground ‘yellow’ and in order to turn it looking like a white metal, manufacturers like us add silver alloys to make it white. However, 18ct white gold still has 75% pure gold content meaning it will tarnish over time (1-2 years on average) depending on how good the silver alloy is. Yes, you can re-polish white gold and ‘rhodium’ which will restore the white colour but this will only offer a short-term solution.

Platinum will not tarnish as it is naturally a white metal. It is also a denser material than gold, approximately 33% which will consequently give it a slightly heavier and sturdier feel than its rival gold. Gold is naturally a soft metal consequently meaning it will wear and tear quicker than most metals, often leading to repairs on items which are worn daily like engagement rings.

Our advice is to spend your budget how you see fit, but for the small difference we charge for platinum vs. white gold, we would always advise you buy platinum;- 1. It is a harder metal, 2. It won’t tarnish, 3. It is slightly heavier to cope with every day usage. If this item is to be worn for 50+ years, the decision has already been made for you.

Verdict – Knockout for white gold in 1st round!

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