sparkle = toothbrush (soap + water)

Time to put an end to the speculation of how to clean your precious diamonds:


  1. Throw away any ‘special’ liquid solution you have bought.
  2. Put the vodka and gin back in the drinks cupboard.
  3. Stop watching all the various YouTube videos.

It takes diamonds millions of years to form and is the hardest substance known to mankind. Diamonds sparkle from light reaching the bottom of the stone, allowing the various facets to sparkle and give off the natural beauty of the diamond. However, when a layer of dirt is created underneath and around the stone, the diamond simply won’t be able to sparkle. Dirt is generally created from hand-cream, general dirt, dust, perfume.

The good news is the dirt created from above will not damage the diamond and a simple clean will remove any dirt and bring back the sparkle. Follow the following steps to bring back your sparkle:-


Clean your ring

Simply take a regular toothbrush and a touch of soap and clean your diamond from top to bottom ensuring the underneath of the stone is completely clean. The soft bristles from the toothbrush don’t damage our teeth, so they certainly won’t damage your diamond.


Rinse Ring

Once clean, rinse the ring under warm water ensuring the plug is in!



Repeat steps 1 and 2 until your diamond ring is sparkling!


Pour yourself a drink

Once the diamond is back to its original stunning state, open the drinks cupboard, pour yourself a vodka, add a mixer and relax…

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