Euismod meliore fuisset ne mea, cum ea vide populo vituperatoribus, te posse mucius eam. Ea aperiri sententiae eos.


I don’t know the finger size

Probably the first question everyone thinks of when the time of proposing comes knocking – I don’t know their finger size! It is near impossible to find out your partner’s …

Our secret to creating flawless diamond jewellery

We appreciate how complex diamonds are and purchasing the perfect stone can be challenging. Using our extensive knowledge of jewellery and to make life even easier for you, we ensure …

Diamond talk made simple

Just like every aspect of a person reflects who they are, the same is for every diamond and will affect its sparkle and look. It is vital to prioritise the …

Why does my platinum ring scratch?

Every metal in the world will scratch with wear and tear. The only way to avoid scratches appearing will be to leave the ring in the box… which is a …

Sun cream and trunks are packed… but where do I pack the ring?!

Months spent planning the proposal of a lifetime, choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, but where does one hide the ring when travelling to your holiday destination. We recommend the …

sparkle = toothbrush (soap + water)

Time to put an end to the speculation of how to clean your precious diamonds: Firstly… Throw away any ‘special’ liquid solution you have bought. Put the vodka and gin …

The home of diamonds

Since medieval times, Hatton Garden has been famous for its diamond relations and quick became the centre for jewellers, diamonds and jewellery. In 1581, the area was given to Sir …

What if she doesn’t like the ring?

You buy the perfect red roses, her favourite chocolates, dinner at her favourite restaurant, choosing the perfect moment to tell her how much you love her and presenting the stunning diamond engagement …

Same Day Engagement Ring Service

Being manufactures has many advantages, especially when our workshops are just a stone’s throw away from our showrooms in Hatton Garden, London. Stocking vast amounts of our diamonds and mounts …

Secret to the Brilliant diamond sparkle?

It might not be common knowledge but diamonds can be cut in any shape or size, round, princess, emerald, cushion, pear, oval just to name a few and consequently each …

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