Why does my platinum ring scratch?

Every metal in the world will scratch with wear and tear. The only way to avoid scratches appearing will be to leave the ring in the box… which is a ridiculous suggestion.

Even platinum which is naturally a heavier and harder metal than gold will be prone to scratches and scuffs.

The diamond, which is the centre of attention can and should be cleaned with your toothbrush (see toothbrush blog!) and that will always sparkle.

The scratches and scuffs can be removed but only by a professional jewellery polisher. If you have concerns regarding your ring, pop the ring back to us and we will polish the ring for you.

Bare in mind though, every time you polish your engagement ring, you are removing a small slither of metal in order to remove the scratches. Do this 20+ times and there will be no metal left on the ring. We certainly recommend you bring back your ring to us every couple of years for a ‘service’ and polish, but not every time when a scratch appears.

For advice, contact our dedicated sales or book a private or video appointment to discuss further.

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